Fishing Bait Bridgnorth

Fishing Bait Bridgnorth - Middle Severn Angling

Welcome to Middle Severn Angling Bridgnorth, the local Bridgnorth fishing tackle shop for all your fishing bait.

We sell baits for all conditions including

  • Ground Baits - Pastes - Particles
  • Pellets - Liquid Additives
  • Dynamite Baits
  • Bait-Tech
  • Van Den Eyned
  • Mosella
  • Matchman
  • Sonubaits
  • Fresh Maggots
  • Fresh Worms
  • Fresh Hemp
  • Casters
  • Dead Baits
  • Artificial Bait

Whatever fishing bait your require we can help. Advance orders for large quantity

Call Middle Severn Angling, Bridgnorth Tackle Shop on 01746 769070

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1 Underhill Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4BB

Right next to Knickerbockers Ice Cream Parlour.

Open 7 Days A Week Including Bank Holidays